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We love our music at Caledon Virtual, which is why we want to give a shout out to the “We Always Swing” Jazz Series. Often times you will find us jamming out to our favorite songs during the day as we work. For us music is a creative and beautiful process that can evoke emotion, and thought out of it’s listeners. Kind of like what we aspire to do with our design work in print publications, website designs, marketing campaigns, and the like. Our work aspires to inspire those who view it and engage it. Very much, like music.

This year the “We Always Swing” Jazz Series has an amazing line up for our community to come out and enjoy quality music from bands that are world wide famous! It is always a pleasure attending the events and concerts of the Jazz Series. It is a great reminder to stop and view the beauty of life, and what awesomeness comes from music.

Caledon Virtual supports the Jazz Series and all that they do. Go to their website http://www.wealwaysswing.org/series/ and view their upcoming acts, maybe, you will purchase a ticket and go see some of the amazing talented musicians in the act. Go ahead…we dare you.