Courtesy of normanack via Flickr Creative Commons

You know what we hate at Caledon Virtual? Stuffy noses. It’s true. We hate to let the cat out of the bag (a lazy Sunday afternoon cat as you can see here) and admit there is something on this earth we cannot stand, but stuffy noses are right at the top of that list.

Our good friend Dr. Hana R. Solomon at Nasopure was featured back in April on, a site dedicated to Missouri-based entrepreneurs. We built Dr. Hana’s Nasopure website, and she in turn has been keeping our noses clean. There are many people to be inspired by that we come across in our lives and work, and Dr. Hana is a great person to emulate. Check out what she told in April:

I always planned to make a difference in the world. I began this growing soy beans on a spiritual commune in the early 70’s. After a few years of this, I realized my real dream was to attend medical school. I completed 4 yrs of college in 3 yrs, and completed medical school as a single mom of 2. I always had a natural and preventative approach to medicine, and nasal washing became an obvious answer to my ‘snotty nose’ patients. I did not think writing prescriptions was in line with my medical school oath ‘FIRST DO NO HARM. Nasopure was born.

Dr. Hana

How amazing is that? Not only was she raising two kids, she saw an opportunity to create a product that would help people take care of themselves in a natural way, without using drugs of any kind. A person like that is worth paying attention to; and worth connecting with. You can connect with Dr. Hana on Facebook, Twitter, and online at

Consider doing business with Nasopure and Dr. Hana, she’s one of the great ones.