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Stuffing is one of our favorite side dishes every Thanksgiving. Not that stuff out of a box, either. The real deal with homemade croutons, celery, a bevy of spices and…commence drooling. If we’re being honest, Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without stuffing. Which is why we don’t want you to ruin your Thanksgiving with processed phony keyword stuffing. It’s a tempting tactic because it makes logical sense at first glance. Want to rank for a certain keyword? Stuff it as much as you can into your copy. Here’s the thing, though:

Google, and more importantly your audience(s), will disagree.

This is one of the first no-no’s Google talks about. Keep your title tags, alt tags, etc. short, sweet, and to the point. The number one rule in SEO is to provide relevant, accurate, and interesting content for your users, which, an seo consultant would be well acquainted with. This is far more important than trying to shove an extra keyword into your copy just so it can be indexed. The last thing you want while settling in for a day of parades and football is to learn your site has been marked as spam by Google.

Beyond being a no-no for Google, keyword stuffing is a major turn-off for audiences. They’re looking for help, information, and service. Saying the same word or phrase to them over and over accomplishes none of these tasks. All it does is frustrate your audience, anger Google, and make you look like you don’t pay attention to the needs of your visitors.

SEO is a multifaceted beast. If you know you need help with keywords but don’t know where to start, give us a call or send us an email. We’ll set you up with Rob, Kenzie, or Angela and start on a plan that will place you at the top of the search rankings with the right number of keywords.