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If you were like us last Thursday, you tuned into NBC’s live showing of “The Sound of Music”, starring Carrie Underwood. Of course, if you’re like us, you were tuning in more out of sheer morbid curiosity. You see, it’s not that Carrie Underwood did poorly (in our opinion, she did as well as anyone could have expected), it’s just that trying to re-create the movie version of “The Sound of Music” is like re-writing “War & Peace” for a modern audience. Just not the wisest of ideas.

There was some joy to be found during the show though. Namely on Twitter. In case you’ve not noticed…we enjoy a bit of snark here and there. And DiGiorno Pizza hit a snark home run last Thursday. A few samples:



Beyond making us laugh quite a bit, there’s much more than just some funny tweets here. When brands take a risk, and make no mistake that these tweets were a risk, it turns them into more than whatever their product may be. It gives them a personality, makes them relatable, and makes their audiences want to talk ABOUT them. Any marketer worth their salt knows that word of mouth is the best kind of marketing ever known.

Kudos to DiGiorno for taking this risk, and for being quick on its feet after it went through a crisis communications situation the very next day. The brand quickly severed ties with the farm in question and crafted unique messages to as many upset customers as it could. Their feed on both Facebook and Twitter is well worth your attention. We recommend you enjoy both.