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Getting the Most Out of Your Ad Campaigns

Create a Media Plan

Develop an intention for running your ad campaigns. If you are running Google Search ads, determine what timeframes you want to run the ad and how you want to structure your testing. Your media plan should outline a platform, campaign run dates and provide a brief description of the target demographics. Your media plan gives you the visibility to craft an omnichannel approach to your marketing, allowing you to optimize your funnel and get the best results from your investment.

Media Plans look like this. We determine the channel and the campaign and then map out how long each channel and campaign will run. When managing an omnichannel approach to your marketing, you will want to see the interconnectedness of the campaigns and channels. Such as the timeframe for each channel’s campaign life. This way, you can run Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Search, and Google Display campaigns at once but put them in sequential order to help further guide your prospect down your company’s digital funnel.

To add dimension to your plan, you can add “Announce” and “OnSale” campaigns on different platforms to complete an omnichannel strategy for your overall campaign. For example, you have a promotion for Black Friday and plan a full-fledged campaign for the promo. Using a media plan grid to map out an “Announce” and “OnSale” can help you visualize the campaign’s entirety. With Black Friday occurring in November, you can prepare to announce the campaigns to peak user interest and launch them in September. Let the “Announce” campaign run for six weeks generating buzz before launching the “OnSale,” where the main goal is direct conversion.

Create a Campaign Brief

A campaign brief should include details about your target demographic and the specifics of your ad copy and general landing page layout. The brief helps keep everything concise and in line with the overall campaign goal.

Build Out Landing Pages

You can gather a gold mine of meaningful insights into your practice’s services and treatments via your landing pages. By strategically placing text on specific pages, you can measure overall traffic and page engagement, allowing you to determine the content that interests and engages your visitors the most. Structuring your ad campaigns with landing pages provides the ability to evaluate different assumptions about your target audience.

Test! Test! Test!

The key to success is knowing and understanding your audience to get the most out of your marketing dollars. Using the data, you have collected during the testing phase can prove or disprove a theory and verify assumptions about your audience. Creating a buyer persona based on real-time data gives your future marketing decisions a more solid and factual direction.

There are multiple ways to develop marketing strategies and ad campaigns. But all these approaches share one thing: the value of conversions and conversion data on behavior. If we want a higher ROI from an ad campaign, we examine conversion volume, the data, and the test results from a past A/B test to better understand the target audience in the future.

Did you know that Facebook contributes to above 50% of the total enterprise and small business market’s advertising efforts? If they’ve even attempted to become relevant in their industry, most businesses have started using Facebook advertising to drive more business and brand awareness to their company.

When the Facebook ad platform was new years ago, a wealth of business owners learned the initial basics of running simple ad campaigns. Then there came retargeting audiences and a multitude of different customizations and targeting parameters available. This ever-evolving technology left a myriad of businesses extremely confused and frustrated with how to start running their company’s Facebook ads.

Before the escalation of digital marketing, media plans were an investment in a single campaign and one of the primary documents you should work on when creating ad campaigns for your company. Like the idea of the traditional media plan, a digital marketing media plan has various components that help sketch out and ensure that the campaign you are running has structure, is measurable, and hopefully scalable.

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