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When think of the biggest cheerleaders in Columbia, who pops to mind. Ok, yes. You’re right. The Golden Girls are probably the first group of people to come to mind. For us though, it’s the Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors.

These folks are seemingly EVERYWHERE. With their giant scissors and never-ending roll of ribbon, the Ambassadors are making Columbia’s business community friendlier one new business at a time. With the annual Business Showcase coming up on Tuesday, we wanted to take some time to say thank you to these folks who do more than just show up for a smile and a photo op (much like our own Sean Spence you see here).

The Ambassadors truly are that. They’re ambassadors of the business community, and Columbia in general. They take that mission seriously. You can guarantee they’ll be back after that ribbon cutting to do business with you; and they’ll tell people about it as well. The Ambassadors are just one reason we love Columbia so much, but they encapsulate so much about the essence of CoMo. Connect with them on Facebook and find out where you can see them next.