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Be friends with Chuck on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. More accurately, convince him to start using Twitter. 

There aren’t many people in Columbia who don’t know Chuck Everitt. He is a fountain of joy to be around, and if there’s a bigger Mizzou fan around, we’ve not met them. Chuck is an amazing person, always laughing and smiling, ready with a joke or a supportive thought if you’re having a bad day.

Recently, Chuck had surgery to rid himself of throat cancer. Following his odyssey on Facebook was heartwrenching, while being incredibly inspirational at the same time. Chuck never doubted he’d fully recover, and a minor setback of having a SECOND surgery because the first didn’t get all of the disease was an annoyance. This man is a model for how to live your life. Full of cheer, unabashed joy, and a heart full of love. Thanks for including us in your journey, friend. We’re glad to be a part of it.