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As you may, or may not, know, our Nelly Roach is a regular contributor over at Voices Daily. Her experience and knowledge are instrumental to how we run the show here at Caledon Virtual, and it is sometimes difficult to explain how important she is to our business. Sometimes, it’s easier just to put her on the pedestal she so richly deserves, yet shuns on a regular basis, to show her off.

The question we hear most often about Nelly is extremely simple; but ridiculously complex, “How does she DO it all?” It’s an excellent question, and Nelly answers it in her latest post. We thought the most interesting point she makes is the societal pressures levied on women for familial responsibilities, that don’t fall so much on men:

“… it is generally considered more acceptable for men to work long hours to provide for their families, while women may be judged or suffer from overwhelming feelings of guilt. 

I choose to look at the math of my 24-hour day a bit differently, allowing eight hours for sleep, eight hours for business, and eight hours for my personal life — but not in a row.  Sure, business can often “take away” (such a negative term, let’s use “borrow”, instead) from personal life outside of normal working hours, but that allows me to “payback” that personal time during the workday.  So, I can allow time for field trips, tennis tournaments, taking the kids to and from school, and lunch with my friends.”

It’s this unique perspective she brings to life, as well as business, that makes us glad we don’t have to compete against her every day. Unless it’s to see who gets the last Oreo cookie. Because Michael ALWAYS ensures he wins that race.