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We possess an embarrassment of riches here in Mid-Missouri in just about every area of society you can think of, but particularly in education. With the University of Missouri, Columbia College, and Stephens College all in the heart of Columbia it is quite easy to forget that our riches go far beyond just those three.

As all those students head back to school this week, don’t forget about Central Methodist University just 20 minutes away from us in Fayette. CMU has done a wonderful job of separating itself in a crowded educational market in our area. The perfect example is teaming up with State Fair Community College in Sedalia to offer four year degrees to students there. They reach niches of students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to get four year degrees.

Want to learn more about what CMU is up to? Check them out on Facebook and Twitter. Or just take the short drive up to Fayette and walk around their absolutely gorgeous campus. Especially in the spring and fall. The views around there are very difficult to beat.