What could be more exciting for your clients than celebrating their new and improved self?

So why not offer them the opportunity to be in the spotlight on your website? Not in a before or after picture, but in a lifestyle photo shoot featuring various clients celebrating beautiful living.

This is more than a before/after shot. This is faces, make-up, hair, an outfit that makes them feel sexy and attractive at a venue that is almost as elegant and beautiful as they are now.

These lifestyle shots have become a core of marketing for the clothing industry, the make-up industry and even the home furnishings industry. And a group of clients riding high on self-improvement is a strong statement for your website. And think of the word-of-mouth advertising, because you know they are going to show and share with every person they know.

What are the elements of a lifestyle shot?

  • Clients with confidence – you want to select or invite clients that exude confidence and excitement.

  • Diversity – inclusivity is key!

  • Style – colorful, body-con dresses, a designer top with vintage jeans, the style should be as diverse as the people being photographed.

  • Location – this is definitely a day out of the office! Look for a venue that is public and well-known in your area.

  • Attitude – yes there should be champagne! There should be smiles, there should be preening and prancing, there should be candids and poses. The whole idea is to capture not just the idea your practice improves looks, but that your practice improves lives!

Lifestyle photos are perfect for Instagram feeds, Twitter, and even a few short videos for TikTok.

These are the dreams that social media is made of and Caledon Virtual have the digital marketing expertise to make that happen. Click here (live link with lifestyle photos) to solidify the concept and idea of extending your practice beyond the work that happens inside of it to a world of potential clients.

Offer better alternatives to before and after photos with lifestyle photoshoots of clients! Give them yourself quality marketing materials for your practice and make your patients feel more like a person than a patient.