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UPDATE: About a week after this post originally published, Mike Vangel had this to say about the prospect of his retirement:

“I’m not closing or retiring … That said, I am altering my approach to work. My new business model allows me to be much more selective about the requests for strategy and consulting services I choose to accept.” – Mike Vangel, as quoted in the Columbia Daily Tribune


One of the giants in the communications industry decided to call it a career over the weekend. Mike Vangel, President of Vangel and Associates, retired on September 1st, marking the end of a career that included time at MFA Oil and starting his own marketing firm.

Mike started his firm in 1986 and over that time has worked with nearly every organization in town. Boone Hospital Center, University of Missouri, MFA Oil, House of Brokers … the list goes on and on. Throughout the years, Vagel has proven a high level of work and set a standard of excellence. Anyone that has worked with, or knows, Mike says how great a person he is and how hard he works. That has shown throughout his career in the outstanding products he and his team has produced.

Our industry is lesser without Mike, and we wish him well in his retirement.

What’s your favorite Mike Vangel story?