seagate pulsar solid state drive 1seagate pulsar solid state drive 1

Columbia, MO. – The most frustrating thing for many business owners when it comes to their website is how slowly the page loads and with properly Managed WordPress Canada, this is not a problem. If that page doesn’t load within a few seconds, potential customers will leave and look elsewhere for a similar service. Caledon Virtual’s clients won’t have to worry about this ever again because we’ve chosen only the best web hosting company from and have renewed/revamped our website.

“We’ve been working with Socket to build a server that will provide the best webhosting performance in town, bar none. The new server boasts the latest 64-bit version of Microsoft’s server operating system and the capacity for up to 96 Gigabytes of operating memory,” says Caledon Virtual Creative Director J. Michael Roach.

Seagate Pulsar SSD (solid state drive)But Caledon isn’t stopping there. “We’ll also be using solid state drives, rather than traditional rotating hard disk drives. With SSD storage, there is no file fragmentation, no moving parts to align, and roughly a hundred times faster access times. This means our client websites will be served virtually instantaneously. The benefits to a visitor’s ability to quickly navigate a website can’t be underestimated.”

The average time spent on a website is roughly 56 seconds, so Caledon Virtual’s clients will have a distinct advantage in the digital marketplace with this upgrade. In addition, Google and other major search engines continue to weigh site performance more heavily into the ranking factor, giving faster sites a distinct marketing advantage over slower sites. With a target load time of about a quarter of a second, every millisecond counts. “With our new server, we’re reducing access times from an average of 5-10ms down to about 0.1 milliseconds. We’ll able to load your home page as many as 100 times in the time it currently takes to load it once.”

To accomplish these, Caledon Virtual is making a significant investment, and is collaborating with AKEA Web Solutions LLC to maximise the efficacity. SSD storage currently runs about $1-2 per GB while traditional hard disk drives run closer to $0.10 per Gigabyte. Caledon’ hosting clients will see an increase only in performance, not pricing. “Our clients are receiving this upgrade free of charge and our hosting prices will remain the same,” says Caledon Virtual Executive Director Nelly Roach. “We’re constantly evolving to the marketplace, placing our clients in the best position to succeed. That’s the reason we continue to succeed. Our clients and their needs always come first.”

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