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With so much to accomplish, it’s time to hire!

Our team is looking for a #badass graphic designer. Our perfect person is passionate about designing, loves the smell of a new office (because we’ve recently moved into a new space), embraces growth, learning, and challenges. An optimist who doesn’t see the glass half full, but as an opportunity to enjoy a beverage. Loves coffee (or at least the smell because we are constantly brewing up more). You should also enjoy the occasional game of fetch with the office dog(s).

Although we have fun – we also work hard.

We are looking for someone who…

  • Secretly loves the pressure of a deadline.
  • Efficiently and effectively creates beautiful layouts for print and digital mediums
  • Is comfy lounging around in the Adobe Suite (pro status)
  • Develops strategies and designs with intention and passion
  • Has the ability to pair fonts (like peanut butter and jelly)
  • Check out the Job Description for more information!

Intrigued? We’d love to talk with you. Send your contact information and portfolio to Alicia Troesser!