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Follow Big Ben on Twitter.

Typically, we rely on the watch on our wrist to keep us on track. However, sometimes our minds drift, and we find ourselves in Jolly Old London and that familiar sound reverberates around the city:

The @big_ben_clock feed on twitter is exactly what you see here. One bong for each hour it tolls. Makes perfect sense for the fake feed of one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks, right? What’s most impressive about the feed is that it’s been doing it’s thing (sticking to its brand, if you will) since 2009 and at the writing of this post had more than 18,300 tweets. That’s dedication.

To maintain your brand, creativity, innovation and and repetition are key. That’s exactly what this feed does. It’s created a alternative brand to the world famous Big Ben; one that’s a little goofy and has created revenue from that. So beyond those three pillars we’ve discussed, what else can we learn from Big Ben?

Commitment to your brand breeds success. That doesn’t mean you should stay the course with something that isn’t working. Consistently analyze the direction of your brand and allow it to progress naturally. What about you? Have you ever had your watch break and depend on a twitter feed to tell time? Tell us in the comments.