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Your 5 Step Guide to Good Branding

So, you want to start a new business or rebrand your old one. Congrats! You might be thinking … now what?  Branding. Conceptualizing and executing a strong brand is imperative to improve your business’ recognition, differentiate yourself from the competition, and develop an emotional relationship with your customers. Simply creating a clever ad or a … Continued

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10 Essential Lessons I Learned During my Summer Internship

I’ve had the pleasure of completing my summer internship with Caledon Virtual in the social media department.  Having spent months during my spring semester searching for the perfect company, writing cover letters, and perfecting my resume, I felt a wave of relief come over me once I finally had set plans…but I had no idea … Continued

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How Technology Has Influenced The Travel Experience

Samsung is currently trying a new advertising strategy (after concluding that consumers don’t want exploding cell phones as much as their initial market research suggested). Instead, the software firm is peddling their latest market entrant as a travel companion: the phone can act as a translator, boarding pass, high-definition camera, navigator and more. Since the … Continued

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4 White Hot Digital Marketing Trends for Summer 2017

Remember the pre-digital days? Driving to the music store to listen to your favorite artist’s newest album. Referring to the newspaper for local movie theater showings. Waiting weeks to rent the newest top grossing film from the video store. Future generations will simply never understand the way of the world before the web, and with … Continued


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