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A happy Black Friday to you! Whether you’re just getting in from a long night of shopping, or just waking up from your tryptophan-induced┬áslumber Amazon is worth liking on Facebook and following on Twitter. Our series of brilliant marketing examples continues.

Let us be the first to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas! It is after Thanksgiving now, so no more excuses will be had for delaying the decking of halls, the trimming of trees, and the endless search for the perfect gift for the impossible to buy for person. While millions of people spent last night in full-on battle mode at their retail store of choice, millions more will do their shopping from the comfort of home. Many of them via Amazon.

There are countless places you can do your online shopping, and we encourage you to look around and do your homework, but Amazon often ends up being a place where great deals can be had. We’ve been fans of Amazon for a long time, especially its logo design. The logo says many different things all at once; which is the sign of a great logo. The smile communicates a pleasant shopping experience and great customer service while also doubling as an arrow. That communicates a company committed to getting things done and the products you purchase from it shipped to you quickly and efficiently. When the company name IS the logo, you guarantee name recognition.

Pulling off a great logo is incredibly difficult today. The amount of time you have to grab a customer’s attention is down to fractions of a second. Every piece of your logo has to communicate something. There is no room for “fluff”. When your logo communicates your entire company message, you’ve come as close to perfection on a logo as you can.