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Inspiration. It’s a difficult concept to capture. How do you seek out inspiration? What’s the moment you realize you’ve been inspired? One thing is for sure, when you’ve found your inspiration it is a go-to source, time and again. We’re fortunate to have inspiration all around us. Our team members, clients, and friends all inspire us in different ways. One in particular is Col. Dr. Jim Coy of A Gathering of Eagles.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jim, take a moment to go through the website linked above. A veteran of the Gulf War and survivor of cancer, Jim is someone we draw strength from whenever we feel overwhelmed. His faith in God is truly something to behold and something we strive to emulate it each day.

A man like Col. Coy could rest on his laurels and remain unquestioned the rest of his days. Of course, a man like Col. Coy would scoff at an idea as ridiculous as that, which is why he’s written a series of books for adults and kids. What’s more, the proceeds send books to our soldiers overseas and scholarships for students attending Christian and parochial schools. That’s not a portion of the proceeds, mind you. The proceeds.

A man like that is nothing BUT an inspiration. In every sense of the word. Get inspired by connecting with Col. Dr. Coy on Facebook.