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According to our wardrobe, one of our favorite things to do is eat. According to our bank account, another one of our favorite things to do is sample the wonderful culinary fare offered at the hundreds of fantastic restaurants around Columbia. It would be impossible to name every single restaurant we love, so we’re just highlighting a few of oour favorites. By no means is this list complete; honestly, this is a #FF topic we could do for Friday’s upon Friday’s to come.

We’ll start with Sophia’s. Everyone knows about their fantastic dinner and lunch meals, the fantastic wine selection, and a location that makes you feel like you’re in Italy the minute you step inside. What many don’t know about is their brunch on Sunday’s. Do yourself a favor and check it out this weekend.

If you mention Sophia’s, the first place you think of next is Addison’s. Nachos Bianco (our personal favorite) is absolute legend in Columbia. Not to mention the late night happy hour. Their impressive selection of beers on tap and absolutely ridiculous prices after 10 p.m. make it a go to spot for college students, young professionals, and people like us who try to relive their youth every so often.

Murray’s is another Columbia classic. There’s plenty of things people think about when Murray’s is the topic of conversation; jazz, a great selection of spirits and one of the best atmospheres anywhere. We always think about the fried green peppers covered in powdered sugar. Seriously. Have you ever tasted something so weirdly awesome? Other than a peanut butter and banana sandwich, or course.

Bleu is a recent entrant into the Columbia restaurant scene, and they’ve quickly established themselves as one of the most unique places in the city. The upscale, modern dining room makes you feel like you’ve walked into one of the trendiest restaurants in New York or Los Angeles; not Columbia. It is a fantastic addition to downtown, and we love having it here.

There are so many other restaurants we could mention. C. C.’s City Broiler. Shakespeare’s Pizza. Teller’s. The list goes on. What are your favorite places? What’s the one place you think someone needs to experience to get a taste of Columbia? Let us hear it in the comments!