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How much do you say the word “thanks,” or some variation of it, each day? Someone holds the door open for you…the server brings lunch at the restaurant…the police officer lets you off with a warning… it’s a long list. Thankfulness an emotion and sentiment that, ironically, is taken for granted.

As tempting as it is to forge through the remainder of the year at a dizzying pace, we took a moment to ask each Caledon Virtual team member what they’re most thankful for this year. The resulting list of blessings was overwhelmingly long, but here are some recurring themes that surfaced. Can your organization relate?

  1. Each Other – As sappy as it may seem, every person on a team is responsible for the current level of achievement, as well as potential success down the road. As we continue to grow, we rely on each other, and our clients, to move to the next level.
  2. Creativity – The vibe here at Caledon Virtual is always buzzing with creativity. From formal brainstorming sessions with our clients to impromptu desk-to-desk conversations, we thrive on the open minds of our teammates to produce unique top-quality products that win. The best part of our creativity is that our clients allow us the freedom to push the envelope with their work. Not every agency has that type of relationship with their clients, and we’re truly grateful for that.
  3. Culture – We are thankful for our life-giving culture that encourages each member to experience their full potential. When everyone is operating in their area of strength, we all win. What is your team culture?
  4. Conflict – Seriously, who is thankful for conflict? Though it may cause momentary panic, conflict on your team is a sign of strength. When we are willing to share ideas that differ from those of our teammates and enter into uncomfortable discussions, we open the door to bigger and better solutions that were once unfathomable.
  5. Transparency – Our team is so thankful for the transparency in our organization. When everyone is privy to business goals and the respective successes and failures, trust is built and momentum (and success) is the result. How are you striving to be transparent with your team?
  6. Leadership – While we are undoubtedly thankful for Michael and Nelly, we operate under the assumption that every team member is a leader in his or her own right. If everyone is ready and willing to bear their heavy load with integrity, the team, and our client’s, growth is exciting and infectious.
  7. Coffee and Emmet – What can we say? Caledon wouldn’t be Caledon without the free-flowing “nectar of the gods” and our rambunctious office mascot, Emmet. We are truly thankful for both.

Our list could go on and on, and we’re sure you’d have more to add as well. Our coffee mugs are filled to the brim with amazing team members and clients–how about you? What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving season?