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Working in an industry that has so much to do with social media, we like to consider ourselves self-proclaimed experts. So, when we stumbled upon something unfamiliar, it was very unsettling. Two weeks ago today, Vine was blowing up with the hashtag #SHTuesday. There was a whole featured playlist celebrating the year anniversary of its creation, but we were at a complete loss as to what it meant.

After some digging, we discovered the real meaning, “shake your hips Tuesday.” Simple enough, but why was this so undiscovered by every other social media site? We couldn’t find it on Twitter, Facebook, even Google didn’t know what it was. Vine is an undiscovered gem of potential. Despite its subculture of “Vine famous” celebrities and secret trends, many brands have tapped into the world and have been utilizing it to expand their social media presence.

Vine offers a unique way to reach millennials in a way that caters to their attention spans. Although 6 seconds may seem limited, the opportunities for creativity are endless.

One of our favorite examples is Lowe’s. You may be thinking, what does a home improvement company have to post on Vine? They have created the hashtag #LowesFixinSix to utilize the 6-second videos to showcase their quick home improvement fixes and engage customers or potential customers in a visual and creative way.

The main thing to keep in mind when creating and managing your Vine is which demographic you want to reach. Typically, this will be a younger group who will be more engaged with original and entertaining content. Here’s 3 tips to keep in mind:

  • Make something share-worthy. Vines only take up 6 seconds of someone’s time, so if it is entertaining to someone, they won’t mind taking up 6 seconds of someone else’s time.
  • Keep it brand-centric. Simply making a funny vine may increase your popularity, but it will not help your marketing unless there is a distinct tie to your brand or product. Consistency will help get your message across.
  • Create and innovate. Avoid using traditional advertising techniques, as that doesn’t fit with the culture of the platform. Find a creative way to leave an impression on people. Don’t try to cram everything into the 6 seconds, but utilize each moment wisely. Efficiency is key.

Vine offers a way for you to unleash your creativity in a way that Twitter and Facebook simply can’t. What will you do with yours?