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PinterestThink Pinterest is only for those who have nothing better to do than attempt hopelessly elaborate DIY projects? While your assumption may be partially true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your business should ignore this platform. Pinterest is a very large audience of people searching for ideas to solve their problems. Sometimes they have a particular mission in mind, and sometimes they don’t. All that matters to you and your business is that they are there, and if you succeed in capturing their attention, they will be there to interact with you and your brand.

Here are 4 Ways to Nail it on Pinterest in 2016

  • Be YOU – From your profile description to your board cover images, let the true voice of your brand resonate throughout. Run-of-the-mill won’t cut it on Pinterest, so capitalize on the aspects of your business that set you apart from the competition. Here’s one amazing example.
  • Image is King – Pinterest is a HIGHLY visual platform. Uninteresting and non-professional looking pictures are major turn-offs for the user and they will drop you like it’s hot before you can say “Snoop Lion.” What’s the trick? Spend a few minutes looking at other successful pinners and notice the types of images they are using to promote content. Next, figure out how to use similar ideas to promote your business. We personally love Canva for image creation, but here are several other options.
  • Capture Your Community – Unlike many other social media outlets, Pinterest has a plethora of ways to connect with potential customers. Sure, the “like” and comment functions are very reminiscent of Facebook and Instagram, but here are some more savvy options:
    1. Collaborative Boards – Create your own and invite other professionals to contribute, or express the desire to contribute to boards that are already out there. Either way, you are making a relevant face for your brand.
    2. Website Integration – By connecting your Pinterest profile to your company website, you are inadvertently giving visitors a way to interact with you on the social media end of things. Things like using the “Pin-It” button and featuring your Pinterest feed in the sidebar are easy places to start.
  • Develop a Strategy – In the past several months, Pinterest has rolled out Promoted Pins so your business can advertise directly on the platform. Just like a sponsored post on Facebook or Instagram, these are easy to set up and a cinch to customize for your particular business objective. Also be sure to check out the Rich Pin functionality on Pinterest. In doing so, you can use a variety of pin types to reach your audience.

It should come as no surprise that winning on Pinterest will take some time and intentional effort. However, if you are willing to be strategic, we’re positive your handiwork will pay off.

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