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News broke last week that Sesame Street is moving to HBO. Big Bird and friends will air new episodes on the home of Game of Thrones and then make them available to PBS 9 months later. As we reminisced about our childhood and time spent watching Sesame Street, we began realizing how we learned three key lessons about marketing without knowing it.

  1. Content Is King

    • There are hundreds of lessons we learned from Sesame Street. Simple addition and subtraction, spelling, manners, and much more. Taking a page out of Mary Poppins’ playbook, we got to laugh and be entertained while being educated. Your content may be the most useful thing since sliced bread, but if it is dry and boring, no one will pay attention. Make sure your content is useful and entertaining because that is what brings people to your website.
  2. Analytics Matter

    • The Count is one of the most underrated characters on Sesame Street. No one denies this. Whether it is sheep, bats, or blocks Count von Count (that’s his actual name) ensures each item is accounted for. He knows that numbers bring order to the chaos. You’re driving traffic to your website, but which pages? How long are people staying on your website? Which posts are driving the most traffic? When were those posts published? The list goes on and on and tells you the story of your business. You don’t have to be Einstien to analyze your data. You have to pay attention.
  3. Strategy Drives Everything

    • You may not have realized it, but there was a strategy to everything on Sesame Street. The “Word of the Day” is used in context throughout each episode. Kids are taught how to handle real life situations, like being impatient, in skits designed to entertain. If you have no plan for your business, you’re sunk before you get started. Everything you do must┬áplay its part to communicate effectively with your audience(s).

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That’s just a taste of what we learned from Sesame Street, and we’ve learned much more since Snuffalufagus became a fond memory. We’d love to impart that knowledge to you.

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