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When it comes to social media, you’re all set.

You enjoy a sizeable Facebook following, score fistfuls of re-tweets every day, and your unique photos are a hit on Instagram. Really, you should pat yourself on the back because building your social media presence from the ground up is no easy task.

One word of caution before raising a glass of wine: you might be missing out on a resource that could add major value to your professional career.

Are you actively engaged on LinkedIn?

Chances are, you have a skeleton of a profile, and other than setting up your basic account, you pushed this perplexing platform out of your mind and treat it like an online Rolodex. Though it’s tempting to ditch daily involvement on LinkedIn, the long-term benefits of digging in far outweigh any temporary inconvenience.

The large group of professionals who are actively engaged on LinkedIn reap a harvest of rewards. The most impressive? The benefits of instantaneous networking at the tips of their fingers. What better way to stay “top of mind” with B2B contacts than to harness the promotional power of LinkedIn?

If this sounds attractive to you, follow these 3 easy steps, and you’ll be on the road to networking that is intuitive, efficient, and fun!

Follow 3 Easy Steps to Master LinkedIn

  1. Know Why You’re There

    • Are you a freelancer? Own a small business? Nonprofit professional? Or just someone scrounging the internet for work-from-home jobs? Whatever your mission, you’ll need to tailor your call-to-action to clearly communicate what you want to accomplish. Don’t be shy about this—it’s the foundation of LinkedIn—professionals helping other professionals. Also, let your personality shine, and don’t take yourself too seriously. For some inspiration, check out Conan O’Brien’s profile. At the very least, we guarantee a small chuckle.
  1. Make it a Daily Affair

    • Establish a morning routine of scrolling through your LinkedIn notifications and activity feed while you’re sipping your cup-o-Joe. Take note of what other like-minded professionals are doing and follow suit. If you are a content creator (a.k.a. WRITER), you’re in luck because LinkedIn is an awesome place to showcase your work and get the professional community engaged. Another great idea is to join some groups specific to your industry. This is a wonderful way to stay up to date on best practices, news, and other important information. Lastly, make a habit of endorsing others in your field. If you’re lucky, they’ll return the favor.
  1. Get the Word Out

    • You wouldn’t waste time screaming an important message to an empty room, would you? Likewise, posting content to an empty community is a colossal waste of your time. Here are a few ways you can showcase your LinkedIn profile to gain more connections. Including your profile name in your email signature, promotional materials, print/social media marketing, and on your business cards are great places to start. Also, don’t discount the effectiveness of word-of-mouth. Casually mention your new LinkedIn page in daily conversations, and you might be surprised how many add you a few days later.

Really, it all boils down to being intentional. Establish a plan, be consistent, and actively promote yourself. It’s that easy! Other professionals are sharing ideas and building business momentum. All they need is your link to complete the chain. What are you waiting for?

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