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Regardless of how you feel about the outcome of Tuesday’s elections, there’s not much more compelling television than watching those returns come in nationwide as the polls close. Political campaigns are exercises in demographics, branding, crisis management, cause marketing, and a million other things. Incredibly interesting to watch evolve over the months. We have a few more thoughts, but wanted to point you towards all the winners of local and statewide races and their presence in social media. Not all of them have a presence (which you’ll find an N/A), but we encourage you to connect with your newly elected officials.

Boone County

Karen Miller Southern Commissioner D
Janet Thompson Northern Commissioner D
Cathy Richards Public Administrator D

State of Missouri

Jay Nixon Governor D
Chris Koster Attorney General D
Peter Kinder Lieutenant Governor R
Jason Kander Secretary of State D
Clint Zweifel Treasurer D
Kurt Schaefer State Senator Dist 9 R
Caleb Rowden State Rep Dist 44 R
Stephen Webber State Rep Dist 46 D
John Wright State Rep Dist 47 D


Claire McCaskill U.S. Senator D
Blaine Luetkemeyer U.S. Rep Dist 3 R
Vicky Hartzler U.S. Rep Dist 4 R

We have no doubt that there are folks on this list you are…less than fond of. That’s OK. The beauty of America is no one has to agree with anyone on any topic. We leave you with this thought. If we continue to categorize those we disagree with as “evil” or “communist”, “socialist”, “facist” or other extreme terms, we are doomed as a country. We must work together. We do it every day in many different aspects of life. Why not politics?

Image: Eli Christman via Flickr CC 2.0