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This is great place to start.  Interestingly, the word “blog” has created a lot of fear and confusion in many of the clients we work with.  The term seems to create a picture of a personal, feeling-oriented and unprofessional website – great for sharing with friends, but not appropriate for doing business or generating leads.

How far from the truth it actually is, though.

By and large, customers work with companies they like, unless they are under contract to do otherwise – and just like people, they tend to like companies more after they “get to know” them.  Companies, products and brands (also just like people) tend to take on a personality.  So, let your customers get to know you by offer a blog on your website.

Furthermore, while not necessarily a “blog” by traditional definitions, a blog can offer a simply and easy-to-use platform for posting news, updates, information on new products, employee recognition and recent awards.