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#FollowFriday: Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling

Today marks the beginning of a new series of #FollowFriday posts. We’ll be highlighting examples of terrific marketing, branding, and advertising we see. We’re kicking this series off with Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling. Connect with them on Facebook and on Twitter, and check out the website at

Branding is one of our favorite topics. How to build a brand, nurture it, and growing it are things we think about every single day. When we see an example of ridiculously creative branding…well, imagine Michael as a kid on Christmas morning. It’s a lot like that. Take for example the new office building built by Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling you see here on the left. Notice anything familiar about it? The entrance is a replica of their logo. We had just recently hired a couple kitchen remodeling contractors and have been very pleased with their work.

We really can’t explain just how awesome that is. It’s like DaVinci or Monet signing their works of art.  There’s a commitment to your brand, and then there’s building your LOGO INTO A BUILDING. It impressed us so much, we decided that we needed to be a part of it, so later this year we’ll be moving our offices here. Seriously.

We’re looking forward to our new home, and want to commend Kliethermes for a truly creative use of their logo. What are some creative uses of logos you’ve seen?