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The Stats

Lead Volume
Up 164%
Conversion Rate
Up 407%
Cost Per Lead
Down 42%


Beverly Hill’s Plastic Surgery Practice

Caledon Virtual’s Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Practice client is a boutique plastic surgery center that specializes in Stem Cell lift procedures that work well within multiple areas of the body to achieve your aesthetic goals. Predominantly used on the face for a minimally invasive face lift procedure, this practice has worked with Caledon for under one year.


When Caledon Virtual first started working with this practice, they had very little conversion data in their Google Ads account. Our first challenge was to serve the right amount of impressions without being flagged by Google’s Ad Review department. From there our bigger challenge was driving enough lead volume for the practice to call on for potential booked consultations.


After we had consistent impressions served on the campaigns without being flagged by Google’s Ad Review department our team was able to drive consistent conversion actions with about 13-14 leads per week and up to 144 total conversion actions per month. This drove more potential patients through the doors and into the practice for consultation.

The results

Consistent month over month growth and increase in conversion actions each month. The practice was able to take the leads that were generated for the campaign and book consultations that resulted in booked procedures for the practice.