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Interim President

When a man’s brain is ever-percolating with financial solutions, web development, marketing strategies, and amusing one-liners, he’s known as a “seriocomic.” That man is J. Michael Roach, Interim President of Caledon Virtual. 

The serious side of a marketing seriocomic has a keen grasp of advertising trends, branding, and collaboration. As such, J. Michael has founded three companies, including two marketing firms, one of which is none other than Caledon Virtual. He’s an award-winning agency leader in website and print design and a three-time American Advertising Federation “Best Of” award recipient.

J. Michael is always looking for next-level strategies while directing a nationwide team of digital marketing professionals. He and his team craft a blueprint to meet each client’s specific marketing goals. He understands the importance of building relationships and trust through combined efforts.

Every seriocomic has a lighthearted side, too, and J. Michael is no exception. He is serious in intention but lighthearted in manner. Professionalism mixed with a good dose of humor distinguishes his character.

He and his wife Nelly have raised three children and one wildly spoiled Labradoodle. At home and work, J. Michael is all about levity with logic.


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