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Conversion Rate Optimization Stats

10 Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics And Why You Should Care

Why You Should Care There is one absolute in digital marketing: more acronyms than any human being should be introduced to in a lifetime. And when those acronyms are thrown at you by a digital marketing agency, it is simple just to nod and agree with whatever is said. Whether it is good or bad, … Continued

Healthcare Web Design Tips for 2023

Healthcare Web Design Tips for 2023

Healthcare and marketing work closely together. To attract and gain new patients, you must present your practice or healthcare organization as professional and trustworthy. One way to build trust is through excellent healthcare web design that showcases your expertise, specialties, and services. As potential patients browse your website, they will feel more comfortable scheduling appointments … Continued

Conversational Commerce: How it Could be the Key to Boost Sales

Conversational commerce, also known as chat business or conversational marketing, represents a way for online marketers to open conversational opportunities to sell their products and services. It doesn’t matter if the customer experience is delivered through a chat app, chatbot, voice assistant, or messaging platform – as long as the customer communication is structured, helpful, … Continued

Case Study web design

Web Design Trends: Prepare to be Shocked    

For as many years as the internet has ruled over marketing, the website has been the crucible for many businesses. From finding the right person to code to finding the right aesthetic to domain names, contact forms, and intricate internal structures that hide behind call-to-action buttons, websites have become the introductions to the world for … Continued


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