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Case Study web design

Web Design Trends: Prepare to be Shocked    

For as many years as the internet has ruled over marketing, the website has been the crucible for many businesses. From finding the right person to code to finding the right aesthetic to domain names, contact forms, and intricate internal structures that hide behind call-to-action buttons, websites have become the introductions to the world for … Continued

Complete Healthcare Marketing Blog

Complete Healthcare Digital Marketing Guide for 2022    

The landscape of digital marketing is not a topographical map. Where there once were mountains, now there are valleys of over-saturated SEO tactics; the opportunity to swim upstream by thinking out of the box has been reduced to hopping from one rock to the next in hopes of getting ahead. With changing algorithms, the desire … Continued

Social Media Management Trends 2022

Ben Franklin got it wrong; three things are certain in life. Death, taxes, and change, and all of them can be justifiably frightening. Change is coming to social media management.  Caledon Virtual can confidently tell you we are on top of those changes. Some of the social media trends in management include: Community groups based … Continued

High Alert Social Media Trends in 2022

You might not like it, and unless you have spent every hour that you are not working learning about it, you will need a competent digital marketing team behind your business if you desire to elevate your business above the competition in the next year.  Whether you are looking for digital marketing in the Los … Continued


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