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The Importance of Longevity in Branding

Branding is a part of what we do here at Caledon Virtual. It is a delicate process to get a brand situated just right in the public’s mind, or getting that logo to the point you’re confident it won’t have to be changed for at least a year or two. A guy that had a … Continued

#FollowFriday: Lee Clow’s Beard

If you are unfamiliar, Follow Friday is a Twitter phenomenon where users recommend other Tweeters their followers would find some kind of value in. That word “value” can be defined in several different ways. Industry news, news in general, a feed that makes you laugh, you name it. We got to thinking that just listing … Continued

Reaching Out to Japan

On Friday, March 11th, a devastating earthquake measured at 8.9 on the Richter Scale rocked Japan, causing a tsunami that has left much of the northeast part of that country in utter devastation. On top of those tragedies, nuclear reactors are reaching meltdown status adding to an already horrific situation. Not to mention Japan depends … Continued

KimberMedia Prepares for Launch …

Caledon Virtual sister company KimberMedia is positioned for launch and standing by … curious?  Awesome.  We thought we’d tell you all about it, but frankly, Jacob Barker did a better job. A  key quote to help you get to know Kimber: “KimberMedia, (J.Michael) Roach said, will be able to provide the ongoing evaluation, planning and execution required … Continued


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