Wineries, breweries, and distilleries each have a unique story, brand voice, and loyal customer base. Our content creators and digital strategists approach each project with these elements in mind to help further your brand’s potential through a variety of marketing tactics: both traditional and digital.

Your DD’s (Designated Digital Team)

Our digital team has a passion for hand-crafted adult beverages. That passion, paired with their skill for marketing, creates the perfect pairing. The team members at Caledon Virtual come from a variety of backgrounds, including the tourism and hospitality industry, both of which included working closely with brands just like yours. That experience developed into a deep understanding of the industry, giving us a competitive edge in the market. When you work with Caledon Virtual, you can put your trust in your DD’s (Designated Digital Team) to ensure that your marketing goals are not only met, but exceeded.

Understanding the Industry

Caledon Virtual understands that every industry is unique and faces different challenges. The same is true for the alcohol industry. Broken down even further, there are stark differences in marketing tactics for a winery, versus a brewery or distillery. Just because your craft is alcohol, doesn’t make it the same as every other drink in the industry. Over the years, we have put our proven strategies to the test to dig deep into what really works for brands in the alcohol industry.

A Balance of Tradition and Technology

As we mentioned, the alcohol industry is different. While it seems like every brand is “going digital,” we recognize that your industry still thrives on more traditional marketing materials such as label/can designs, logos, billboards/signage, event flyers, menus, merchandise, etc. Having tangible marketing items as a winery, brewery or distillery is just as imperative to developing and maintaining a healthy brand as having a good social media and email marketing strategy.

No matter what marketing materials you need, our graphic designers take a deep dive into your brand before even starting the design process. This research and attention-to-detail help us develop both print and digital masterpieces that stand out and match your current brand.

Ready to work with leaders in the adult beverage industry? Let’s grab a drink. 

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