Bringing In Leads Anytime, Anywhere

For all intents and purposes, paid search starts and ends with Google. There are others out there (Bing, Yahoo!, etc.) but Google is the big dog in the room, and those sites follow their lead.

Considering its size, Google can be a beast, especially for those unfamiliar with the way it works. For Caledon Virtual’s clients, however, that learning curve isn’t a problem. We handle everything — from setup to writing ads to adjusting budgets — for you.

Why Paid Search?

Paid search can help you do everything from building awareness to increasing sales, and everything in between. It’s difficult to understate the popularity of Google — over two trillion searches are performed on the platform every year, and well over a billion people use it every single month.

In short, if your goal is to attract clients or customers, you are missing out if you’re not utilizing paid search’s many tools and strategies at your disposal.

Paid Search Strategy

Google’s paid search platform, called Google Ads, allows its users to customize their campaigns in several ways. Our certified paid search specialists begin with keyword research to determine what types of topics your potential clients are searching for and then put those keywords into a list. For example, if one of our clients operated a grocery store, we’d likely include keywords like ‘apples’ or ‘bread’ on our list.

From there, we create ads depending on the type of campaign you’re looking to run. If you’d like to build awareness, we will create what is called Display ads: photos with brief messages that display on sites across the web. Or, if you’re looking to bring in leads or increase sales, we’ll create text ads to display on Google itself. Everything is tailored to your goals.

Paid Search Management

Paid search doesn’t stop and end with the creation of your ads. In fact, that’s just the beginning. From there, we will continue to tweak and alter your ads in order to continually improve their performance and reach more relevant people. This includes making budget adjustments, A/B testing ads, altering landing pages, and much more.

Paid Search Advertising

Through Google Ads, not only can you reach more people than ever before, but you can also get your message in front of them at any time, day or night. It all depends on when they are searching for items or services that your company or organization provides.

With the right strategy — one that Caledon Virtual will customize to your audience — you are likely to see your sales and leads increase dramatically over time. Paid search might seem intimidating at first, but when you trust the experts, the results are sure to follow.

Paid Search Analytics

One of the great things — and there are many — about Google Ads is the wealth of information it provides you. Ever wanted to know how many people click on your ads on 2 p.m. on Tuesdays? What about your conversion rate in a specific town or zip code within your targeted location? Google can tell you that information.

Now, we recognize that not all clients want that level of detail. They want to know what they need to know, and no more than that. If that sounds like you, then no problem! All of Caledon’s paid search clients are provided with a monthly report detailing the progress of their Ads campaigns within that time period. That way, you’re always up to date and there are no surprises.

Interested in learning more about how our paid search strategies can help your business? Reach out to us today.