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The above word should be written in bold, red letters with an exclamation point. RESULTS! That is the bottom line for choosing any marketing firm. Whether it is higher sales, bigger donations, or active signups, will they get you to your goal? What has been their success rate with others?

At Caledon Virtual, we realize marketing is judged by Return on Investment (ROI). Today’s marketers need to embrace changing technology and an ever-evolving audience. In order to create effective campaigns, you need to find the right tools to reach the right market at the right time. Not an easy challenge, but one Caledon Virtual is always excited to take on.

It is essential that you see the results of your marketing dollars. When you bring us on to handle your marketing, we become part of your team. Together, we define your goals and help you reach them. Take a closer look at some of our successes with marketing campaigns:

Scott Hamblin Law

Scott Hamblin Law is a local law firm out of Jefferson City, MO. They chose Caledon Virtual to increase awareness through local SEO and boost their brand through social media.

Results: Organic Search Sessions up 19%

Facebook Ad Reach up 24%

Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co.

Inter-State Studio is a national school photography, planner, and yearbook publishing company. They chose Caledon Virtual to increase their SEO

Results: Organic Search Sessions up 143%

Clicks up 85%

Boone County Millwork

Boone County Millwork is a local company out of Columbia, MO. featuring doors, windows and millwork. They chose Caledon Virtual to boost brand awareness through social media.

Results: Facebook Ads Reach up 24%

Facebook Ad Clicks up 17%


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