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What is Competitor Analysis? 

Competitor analysis in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) typically refers to a few different ways to analyze the competition. The strength of your website depends on how well you understand your competition, the SEO tactics they employ, and how to take your own SEO to the next level.

Competitor Content Marketing Analysis

This kind of analysis asks what content is working well for others in your industry. It also examines what content is helping your competition rank for keywords that matter to your business. We then take that analysis to create the best plan of action to help your website rank higher for those same terms.

Competitor Page Rank Analysis

Knowing the page rank of your competitors is important. This knowledge allows you to create lists of competitors, the keywords they attempt to rank for organically, and then avoid the keywords of the competitors with page rank vastly superior to your own. 

There is no point in trying to wage war with giants. Directly avoiding keywords difficult to rank for due to the competition is often a smart use of marketing efforts. However, your competitive landscape likely has opportunities we can help you find. We first need to know who are the strongest competitors.

Competitor Keyword Research

Research Cross-Referenced with Page Rank

When we cross-reference competitor page rank with competitor keyword research, we often are shown a path of least resistance. That is to say, we know who we want to avoid trying to outrank, and what to avoid trying to outrank them for. This shows a clear path forward and is a win for SEO!

Synonym Successes

By studying the keyword placement in your competitor’s web copy, we learn what keyword synonyms Google respects the most. We can then incorporate the usage of the most successful synonyms throughout your copy.

Competitor Backlink Profiles

When we look at your competition, we look at their backlink profiles. By cross-referencing backlink profiles, with 404 errors found on sites your competitors are linking to, we can find opportunities to gain valuable backlinks to your site through external link replacement outreach. 

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Insight into the SEO of successful competitors is invaluable knowledge for most businesses and is exactly what our competitor analysis provides. 

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