To increase MQL (Market Qualified Leads), reduce the CPA (cost-per-acquisition), and increase website traffic.


August 1st, 2020 through July 31st, 2021


Game plan

High-Level Strategy

  • Increase relevant traffic by increasing the website’s ranking for terms that matter to the target audience.
  • Convert website traffic to MQL (market qualified leads) via phone calls, texts, and form submissions.
  • Improve conversion rates of UA goals.
  • Increase Google My Business visibility.

Low-Level Tactics

  • Identify and build “KW buckets” of content.
  • Identify and build internal link carving opportunities.
  • Seek Featured Snippet placement in search results with FAQ Schema additions to HTML.
  • Improved placement of primary CTAs throughout the website template.
  • Ongoing blogging using topics relevant to the client’s audience and our linking-building goals.
  • Optimize the client’s Google My Business profile and other directory listings.
  • Ongoing Google My Business posting relevant to the client’s audience local ranking goals.


  • Organic Search Sessions + 90%
  • Google Clicks + 383%
  • Google Impressions + 288%
  • Google CTR + 24%
  • Google My Business Views + 213%
  • Google My Business Clicks + 142%
  • Google My Business Calls + 190%
  • Google My Business Directions 107%


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