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The Stats

19% increase
in sessions from all sources
64% increase
in users from all sources
75% increase
in average session duration

The Business

Miracle Lenders

Miracle Lender was established to provide positive solutions for homebuyers at all levels of residential purchases and home refinance.

The Challenges

SEO challenges

Google’s 2021 algorithm update crippled the search engine optimization efforts of many companies. This update changed the way Google crawls websites and prioritized greater user experience. The result for Miracle Lender’s website was lower search result rankings.


The Caledon Virtual Solution

Caledon Virtual follows algorithmic changes very closely and adapts our client’s websites to meet current standards. We optimized Miracle Lenders’ website according to the new quality signals that Google’s algorithm was looking for and then focused on a series of key on-site optimizations to increase search engine visibility.


The Results

Miracle Lender’s website saw a hefty increase in performance from all sources as a result of our digital marketing efforts. After only six months this website has seen a substantial increase in metrics. We expect further increases as we continue to provide services and stay up to date with current SEO practices.

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