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As a business owner, you are continually thinking about ways to improve. As you research new products and services, you are also watching how others in your industry are promoting themselves. You realize you have great ideas but don’t know how to translate them into an actionable marketing plan.

Our design team at Caledon Virtual can help. We will take your ideas and combine them with the best aspects of your business to create designs that flawlessly fit your brand’s style.

Our Clients Inspire Us

Any graphic design project at Caledon Virtual begins with listening. You know your business, and we know graphic design. To give you exactly what you are looking for, we ask specific questions. Then, we make sure we understand entirely by asking more questions. Client feedback is what fuels our inspiration. We use our knowledge of color theory, typography, and design principles to create a dynamic product that appeals to each client’s target audience.

If you have hired Caledon Virtual’s graphic designers to do more than one project, you can be sure everything will be cohesive. No matter what is being designed, a website, social media content, logos, brochures, banners, etc., we take the client’s guidelines into consideration when branding.

The Creative Process

After our initial session, we will put together mood boards. A mood board is a visual presentation consisting of images, text, and other sample ideas that are shown to you. We will explain why we chose a particular design, colors, typeface, etc. Based on the feedback you provide, we will move into the final design stage. We assure you the final product will be appealing to both your target demographic and you.

If Caledon is designing a website for you, we will suggest a mood board, sitemap, and template selections for you to choose from. We only create responsive websites, so no matter what device your customer uses, your site looks perfect.

We trust you will find the process very easy. Actually, as we learn more about our clients, they tend to learn more about themselves. We believe communication brings clarity, and clarity sparks ideas!

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