Introducing the Award-Winning Team at Caledon Virtual in Columbia, MO

About Us

We make our decisions based on the core values of

We believe these values should influence everything we do in our work and in our lives. We are a family consisting of strategists, designers, storytellers, creative coders, and furry pups. As a result, we craft digital solutions that people (clients and teammates alike) really love to be a part of.

Meet Your Team

Nelly Roach


J. Michael Roach

Creative Director

Emily Hawkins

Operations Manager

Bailey Calton

Account Executive

Dillon Lara

Lead Web Developer

Chris Allison

Digital Marketing Strategist

Abbey Theban

Digital Marketing Strategist

Alisha Lopez

Graphic Designer

Bill Chlanda

Graphic Designer

Deb Rogers

Account Coordinator

Jack Peterson

Graphic Designer

Mikala Roach

Operations Coordinator

Lia Kass

Social Media Intern

Jade John

Quality Assurance Intern

Reid Lovig

Client Service Intern

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