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Why is web design important to Columbia businesses?

Your website is a sales tool.  When people visit your website, are they likely to convert into a lead or a customer?  This depends on the user experience, visual appearance, and functionality, as well as the copy.

If you’re a new business and need a website, keep these things in consideration when choosing a web design company.  It’s important to start with a strong foundation.


Custom Web Design & Development

When we build websites, we first determine your objectives.  Usually the objective is to generate traffic and leads.

This design is based on many factors, including user experience and user interface research, which helps us determine where to place various information and elements based on how your target audience normally interacts with other websites in your industry.  Our Design team’s goal is to create a super user-friendly layout that both people and search engines will love.  It should be easy for prospects to find what they’re looking for on your website, and the presentation of that information is very important.

After your design is planned, development takes place.  With mobile device use steadily outgrowing desktop and laptop use, it is imperative that your website operates flawlessly on mobile devices.  Our Development team works with both local Columbia, MO clients and national clients to ensure optimal performance on all devices, browsers, and screen sizes.

Our website developers work tirelessly to ensure your website’s back end coding structure is perfect.  They work on things like online forms and databases, content management systems (like WordPress), and various custom coding tasks.  Essentially, they perform magic and they’re the brains behind your website.


Need a website?

Let’s talk!  Contact us to discuss custom web design for your brand.  We’re located in the Village of Cherry Hill.  We can come to you, or you can come to us.  Together we’ll build you an amazing website, designed to achieve your business objectives.


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Are Web Design & Development Services Right for You?

Does your site have busy or complex layouts?

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Is your website not currently representing your brand?

Is your website difficult to see or click on a mobile device?

Is your site lacking useful and engaging content or ways to convert visitors?

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