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Paid Search (PPC Advertising)

The best time to advertise is when your audience is actively looking to buy your product or service. With paid search (PPC advertising), not only can you reach this crowd—you can play a role in their decision-making process and win their business.

In fact, when someone searches Google for a product or service, the top few search results receive the vast majority of clicks.  Attention spans aren’t large enough to wander down the page or go to the next page.  Studies prove this.  If you’re not in the top five listings, you’re really not relevant.

You’re not at the top?  Don’t worry.  We’re here to help you.


PPC Management Agency

PPC managementThere’s nothing that makes us cringe like seeing ineffective PPC management, wasting a company’s Google AdWords budget.  Sadly, it’s pretty common in the Internet advertising industry for money to be blown, conversions to be un-measured, and clients to be left un-satisfied.

This agency believes in strategy and follow-through.  We believe strongly in effective strategies versus following the norm, or a template.  We believe in measuring every possible conversion.  We believe in frequent campaign monitoring and optimization-based on data.  We believe in transparent reporting.  Simply put, we do our best to be as effective and efficient as possible because your bottom line affects our bottom line.  We’re in this together.


Succeeding in AdWords PPC

Creating an AdWords account or any PPC account is easy.  Setting it up properly, and managing it are not so easy.  This is why Caledon Virtual’s Digital department is staffed by Google and Bing certified Digital Strategists who are passionate about helping businesses grow through Internet advertising.

Through proper account setup, campaign architecture, ad copy, on-site experience measures, testing, conversion rate optimization, and constant monitoring, our Digital team is able to deliver measurable results for our PPC clients.  We get down to business, focusing on the big picture, as well as the tedious tasks and techniques other agencies don’t have the time to focus on.  It’s not all keywords and landing pages.  It’s not all “sunshine and lollipops.”


Are we gonna do this or what?

Let’s get started!  Step ahead of your competition.  We’re on your side.  CONTACT US TODAY for a free quote.  We’ll strategize your PPC in a way that will bring the most value to your business.


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