Super Sam Foundation

Super Sam Foundation is a 501(c)3 pediatric cancer foundation with a mission focused on raising awareness, funding research, and supporting families in the fight. Less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s’ funding supports childhood cancer. The client’s son, Sam, had a form of cancer, Rhabdomyosarcoma, which receives much less than 1%. Super Sam Foundation seeks to empower others to stand up for All the Kids, to fight for more funding and a better life for patients and the families thrust into this fight.


Super Sam Foundation wanted a newly designed website that would raise awareness and give users the opportunity to contribute to its mission. This website was to explain the reasoning and passion behind Super Sam’s mission and explain the ways in which an individual can donate, register for an event, purchase items from their online store and contribute to the mission.

Game plan

We decided to come up with a content and design strategy for the website that would attract people online in an emotional and relational way, rather than as a fundraising site. We wanted to communicate the organization’s incredible mission and tell their story, as well as the stories of other children in the fight, in a way that touched people’s hearts and progressed their mission. We set out in creating a site that allowed communication between the organization and people wanting to contribute, as well as an online store and portal to receive donations.


After various interviews with the amazing family and getting to know their stories personally, we could develop content for the site in a strategic way. Our design team implemented designs that were enticing and welcoming, with a sense of ease to navigate and learn more about the organization. We provided an interactive way for individuals to see and register for the latest events in a way that was subtle, yet very eye-catching. Our solution was to create and design a site that fit Sam’s mission and personality, which is something we found extremely fulfilling.


Getting to work with a passionate client always helps us produce amazing results. It was fun, amazing and fulfilling to work with Cassie and Matt throughout the entire project, and they were extremely happy with the website. Their tenacity to get their message out and complete transparency allowed us to utilize our skills to design and develop a website that can help attract potential donors and provide a positive web presence for the growing foundation.

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