You could say that content is Kassandra’s specialty. But that’s barely the tip of the iceberg. She is skilled in the areas of sales, coordinating events, and public relations. Kassandra relishes challenges and conquers any of those foolish enough to face her by capitalizing on her strategic mindset and relentless pursuit of her goals. That strategic brain of hers allows her to tackle smaller tasks, contribute to big-picture goals, and help out with everything in between.

Her years growing up in the Pacific Northwest made Kassandra a big fan of baseball (she roots for her local Seattle Mariners) and a coffee chain founded in Seattle, Starbucks (her favorite drink is a Vanilla Latte with coconut milk). After she has had her fill of caffeine and America’s pastime, she spends much of her time hiking, cooking, and kayaking.

Kassandra is driven by results and loves measurable methods of improving performance, making her a client’s dream.