As a Content Specialist, Jared is our go-to guy. He thrives on variety and is always ready to tackle the newest challenge. He flawlessly switches between social media, blogs, email, and video content, and so much more. If it needs to get done, Jared is our guy. His knack for empathy allows him to flow seamlessly between client voices and identities, while his dedication and positive attitude keep everyone’s eyes on the prize.

Outside the office, he doesn’t need caffeine to keep him going; his passion for life is his fuel. Jared continues to create content, producing his own podcast about TV shows and movies with friends. When he isn’t flexing his creative skills, he loves sports, especially basketball. Whether he is playing or watching, sports are a huge part of Jared’s life.

With his expertise and ambition in the face of a challenge, we are glad to call him our “Jared-of-all-trades.”