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Content Writer

Jami comes to Caledon Virtual after spending the last 14 years in public education. As an English, journalism, broadcasting, and publications teacher, her primary tasks have been teaching others how to write and design. Before that, Jami worked in newspaper, magazine, and radio,  writing, voicing, producing, and feature writing. 

With a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and an MFA in Writing, Jami sees Caledon Virtual as the ultimate application of her learning and work experience. “I think what is lacking in digital marketing is a strong voice, a sense of who is behind the words. If you can Google it and get back 10 million hits in less than a second, you are speaking generic vernacular.” Jami was drawn to Caledon Virtual primarily because of the people and the pressure – yes, some people do thrive on pressure.

Jami is Google Ads Certified and is a published essayist. She has also written three books, and in 2016 received the Robert F. Kennedy Award for Excellence in High School Journalism and was named Adviser of Distinction by the Dow Jones News Fund. She has written curriculum for schooljournalism.org and created the “Classroom in a Box” digital adviser series implemented by the American Society of News Editors. Her rich background in curriculum writing, journalistic writing, and creative non-fiction publishing gives her an edge. “I want to write content that has full-bodied personality; I love people and I love to tell their stories.”


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