twitter and nhl logos

The NHL Capitalized on Twitter to Market the Stanley Cup Final

If you follow sports, you probably follow sports on Twitter. Many fans find the social media site featuring a little bird to be a fun place to turn when watching games because of the opportunity it offers for real-time interaction with other fans who dish out trash talk and share funny images. Even outside of … Continued

Instagram Updates

New Instagram Updates!

Do you have any big plans for the summer? Yeah, lots of changes in store? Probably not as many as Instagram does. It seems like the rapidly growing social media platform is making a new change every week. Since you’ve started reading this, Instagram has probably already added something new. Most of the businesses have … Continued

holiday sales

5 Ways to Boost Your Holiday Sales Through Social Media Marketing

The holiday season is here! Do you have a social media plan in place to increase sales over the next month? If your answer isn’t a confident “yes,” then we need to have a little chat about the importance of social media marketing during the holiday season! Any business owner should know by now that … Continued

haunt social media strategy

9 Ways Social Media Can Elevate Your Haunt

Social media marketing, when done right, can elevate your haunt to the next level. Social media gives you the opportunity to engage with your fans, reach new prospective customers, showcase your brand and so much more. To some, social media can seem like a daunting task that requires much effort and time, with little advantages. … Continued


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