how to create a social media content calendar

7 Perks of a Social Media Calendar

As tempting as it is to throw a half-baked post on Facebook every few days, there is a much better (and less stressful) way to approach your social media strategy. Having a weekly, monthly, or even yearly plan relieves stress
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6 Things We Want From Instagram For Christmas

Instagram has more than 400 million monthly users making it the second most popular social network. Not surprisingly, it’s become an extremely attractive platform for marketers to reach a younger and highly active audience. There are, however, a few things
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How to Build an Empire with your Holiday Marketing Strategy

Like a midnight Lego-in-the-foot, your holiday social media strategy (or the lack thereof) could creep up on you and cause a lot of pain to your business. We have a few tips to keep you headed in the right direction.
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social media strategy

When the Shoe Fits: A Guide to Social Media Strategy

If your social media strategy isn't intentional and goal-oriented, you are wasting time, effort, and money. Before you begin shoving your foot into the wrong shoe, we suggest you read this article.
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