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Why The Tourism Industry Needs PPC Advertising

Q: When’s the best time to advertise to tourists? A: When tourists are actively searching for your product, service, or experience.   Tourists seek the Internet’s help when they’re looking for attractions, products, services, and experiences. Do you show up
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Reach Active Buyers with Paid Search

Part 3 of 3  |  This is a three-part series on Digital Marketing Paid Search is a form of advertising that—when done right—puts you in the top positions of search results.  It’s beneficial because you can reach people actively seeking to
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Elevate Your Haunt

Elevate Your Haunt with Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing for Haunts? Digital Marketing… could possibly be a term you’re heard thrown around, have possibly even paid for but don’t fully understand what it actually entails. It can be incredibly frustrating to feel like you’re pouring
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Executive Director Nelly Roach Makes CBT Panel Appearance

Nelly appears as part of a six-person panel of area experts on Internet marketing and social media.
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