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5 Of Our Favorite Mobile Apps

by Amanda Huhman Thanks to skilled developers and the advancement in technology, we now have an app for almost everything. Even a few of my friends got mobile apps from Vecro Tech and with the help of it have grown their business tremendously. Sharing a love for all things “app”, we are constantly sharing our … Continued

Is your website mobile-friendly?

What You Need To Know About Mobile-Friendly

Is your website mobile-friendly? Since April 21st, Google has been giving mobile-friendliness an extra piece of dessert when it comes to ranking websites. Learn more about what that means in this week’s blog post and then join us on May 29th for Coffee With Caledon when we talk #Mobilegeddon.


What’s The Deal With Twitter?

One of the largest social media networks in the world is still an enigma to many people. 288 million people use Twitter every month; 80% of those people are on mobile devices. That’s not surprising as more mobile devices come online, and the Internet moves from the desktop to your pocket. It does mean that Twitter’s reputation of immediacy is only going to be amplified in the future. So, how do you use Twitter?


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