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The NHL Capitalized on Twitter to Market the Stanley Cup Final

If you follow sports, you probably follow sports on Twitter. Many fans find the social media site featuring a little bird to be a fun place to turn when watching games because of the opportunity it offers for real-time interaction
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Instagram Updates

New Instagram Updates!

Do you have any big plans for the summer? Yeah, lots of changes in store? Probably not as many as Instagram does. It seems like the rapidly growing social media platform is making a new change every week. Since you’ve
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The Unfolding of a Caledon Intern

My name is Morgan, and I am currently an Account Coordinator at Caledon Virtual, but I didn’t start out that way. First, I had to be an intern. Let the groans commence… Everyone dreads this rite of passage, and I
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4 Ways Digital Marketing Will Increase Your Productivity

Productivity. It's the holy grail in today's world. More widgets mean more revenue (at least in theory). If productivity isn't increasing in your business, you are likely falling behind. Here are 4 ways digital marketing will increase your productivity.
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